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Why Donate to Cabalian Games?

Here are 4 good reasons

1. It helps us create more works you enjoy.
Tree sprouting with leaves turned upward

The thing is, we're a very small business. (You may have noticed we only have one product available right now.) What we've created so far is like a seed: it starts small, but with enough time and support, it will grow into something significant. Your donation would help ensure that our seed grows into a strong and healthy tree that everyone can enjoy.

2. It earns you some cool perks.
Barrels and crates of blue gems

Donations of any amount will earn you personal correspondence from the creator of Cabalia, containing unique information made available only to you. And the rewards only get better from there! Click here for more details on the perks we offer.

3. It helps local community.
Two hands shaking each other and forming a heart shape

Ten percent of our profit goes to support local churches in western Massachusetts, including what we raise from donations. Anything you give will make an impact on lives well beyond the shores of Cabalia. 

4. It's very easy to do! 

A lot of things are complicated in life, but donating to us isn't! Simply fill out the form below to give whatever amount you'd like. It only takes a minute or less, so donate today!

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