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Donation Perks

Please note:  Each perk listed below includes the benefits of all the ones listed before it. Perks cannot be claimed if you choose to donate anonymously.

  • For any amount:

Lance will send you a personalized, handwritten thank-you letter for your support if you provide a mailing address in the donation form. He will also include a fact or detail on the world of Cabalia that has not been published yet, revealed exclusively to you. (In the sense that no other thank-you letter will contain the information that you receive.) The larger the donation, the more significant the scope of the information will be.

  • For any amount of $30 or more:

Your name will be memorialized in the Acknowledgments Section of our next published work, and you will receive an exclusive, one-time-use coupon for 30% off any product you order. (Further details and instructions for the coupon will be emailed to you after your donation.)

  • For any amount of $100 or more:

You will receive a free, signed illustration from Melanie "Zeragii" Griffith (the cover artist for Secrets of Shadowcrest)

  • For any monthly amount of $30 or more:

You will receive an invitation to a weekly Zoom meeting, where Lance will provide detailed updates on his work. If you aren't able to make the meetings, no worries! You'll also be emailed a summary of all the key points covered. 

  • For any monthly amount of $100 or more:

You will be invited to collaborate with Lance on what appears in future content! 

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