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 Winner of the 2024 Pacific Book Award for Best Fantasy



A unique blending of Medieval history and high fantasy into an action-packed adventure that spans across seas and cultures.


As England teeters on the brink of civil war, a faithful knight is sent by his king on a secret mission to the Island of Cabalia: a secluded land of unknown origin and fantastic magic. But when his errand goes awry, Lord William Steele must embark on an unexpected journey across the island, brushing shoulders with cutthroat mercenaries, conspiring kings, and legendary monsters. Forgotten histories and timeless truths must be grappled with in his attempt to discover the Secrets of Shadowcrest and survive to tell the tale.


Award-winning author Lance McColgan offers a rich introduction to the spectacular world of Cabalia, while simultaneously exploring concepts such as faith, love, and duty in a way that is sure to leave you thinking long after you turn the final page. The combination of vivid storytelling, unexpected twists, and lighthearted humor makes this story a delightful addition to the fantasy genre.


Praise for the Secrets of Shadowcrest:


"This is the perfect read for those who enjoy Medieval historical fiction, especially those who enjoy the fusion of this genre with high fantasy, sword & sorcery, and epic world-building." -- Pacific Book Review, Notable Book


"The Secrets of Shadowcrest by Lance McColgan is a captivating tale that evokes a sense of wonder. Although the plot may seem straightforward at first glance, it is anything but, and it took me by surprise. By utilizing subtle hints and leaving gaps in the lore, Lance offers an original and majestic world-building experience..." -- Readers' Favorite Review, Five Stars

"A must-read page-turner that will leave audiences anxiously awaiting their next journey into Cabalia." -- US Review of Books, Recommended Book

"McColgan threads the needle and succeeds in creating an enjoyable tale. According to the author’s biography, he started the story as a narrative for a board game. The final product hardly feels like a casual tale for a night of tabletop role playing. Instead, it comes across as a largely well-crafted fantasy that’s bound to please history and fantasy fans alike." -- BlueInk Review

The Secrets of Shadowcrest

  • Paperback

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