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Clearing the Mist: Get ready for an adventure!

Updated: Jun 3

A ship sailing through a blue mist

Jitalla, friends! Welcome to Cabalian Games! My name is Lance McColgan, and I'm excited to be your guide to the spectacular land of Cabalia.

This is my official blog, where you'll find all sorts of things: everything from important announcements to random ramblings, and everything in between. The journey from board game enthusiast to first-time author and publisher has already been quite the adventure, and I look forward to sharing it with you as it continues! I don't want this to be a long introduction, so here are just a few quick things as we get started:

My goal is to make at least one new post every week or two (which will be categorized as helpfully as possible), but this may not always be possible due to the craziness of life -- you can check out my bio post if you want the details of what I mean. Still, I will try my honest best.

As appealing as it was for a small start-up owner like myself to monetize this blog, I also empathize with how much people hate getting choked by ads. So, I decided to keep this space completely ad-free. If you'd like to support me, you can check out the donation page that's linked at the top of the site. Anything you could afford to contribute would be a fantastic help in offsetting the start-up costs inherent to a business and would be greatly appreciated!

All my posts are open to comments, which I hope you will take full advantage of. I really look forward to your feedback and interaction! My only request is that you keep your comments respectful and relevant to the original topic. Anything that threatens a wholesome community experience will force me to put my moderator hat on -- believe me, it's not a fun hat to wear, and I'd rather not have to pull it out. But I'm confident you'll all conduct yourselves like the awesome people you are. :)

With all that said, there's a new world ahead that's waiting for you. Have fun exploring, and may the winds blow ever in your favor!

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