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What we mean by "wholesome"

It's always a good idea to define terms, so here's what we mean by the term, "wholesome."

  • We do not mean "G-rated." The world of Cabalia is, to a fair degree, based in our own world. And the real world is a messy place. Our stories and games may contain elements that are disturbing to some, including darkness, sorrow, death, fantasy violence, and some suggestive elements. That being said, we strive to observe certain guidelines with these elements, such as...


  • No explicit language. You will never see obscene words of the English language used in our stories. They may be indirectly referenced ("he swore,"), or rendered into a fantasy language ("gunnuh"), but we are intent on keeping our language clean.


  • No explicit sexuality. Romance may occur in our stories, but we shun the use of erotic/pornographic literature and will never advance as acceptable any other sexuality than that of a man and a woman united in a monogamous marriage. We may, however, reference occurrences of improper sexuality, since they are a reality of this messy world in which we live.


  • No gratuitous violence. When violence occurs in our stories, it serves a narrative point and is not described in excessive detail. Our general rule of thumb is to handle it as the Bible does. Gruesome things may be described, but they are not glorified. 

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